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Customer receives the User ID and Password from the Branch, through any of the following modes.

a. Pre-printed kit

b. through two separate covers received through post / courier

c. User ID received as SMS on mobile, and Password received through post / courier. 


Customer has to access SBT Online site by typing the url in the address bar of the browser.

  1.11 In the pre-login page click on the Personal Banking button
  1.12 In the next phishing alert screen press Continue to Login
  1.13 In the next screen, provide the user name and password contained in the PP Kit in the appropriate columns and press login.
  1.14 After login, the system will ask for a new login user name, and new login password, which the corporate customer has to provide.

(User name can be upto a maximum of 20 characters, and can be a combination of alphabets and numbers only. eg: ravisharma, rajeev123. User names are case sensitive. Please use a valid User name as User name cannot be changed in future. The new User name should not be identical to the User ID received from the Branch. Please note that User ID is unique in the entire State Bank Group.)

  1.15 Again the system will prompt for setting a profile password. Here the customer has to set a profile password, and also provide a hint question and hint answer for enabling him to reset his profile password in case of need.
  1.16  Also Date of birth of the customer, his e-mail ID and his mobile number for sending high security passwords will have to be provided by the customer, at the time of first login.
  (Please note that if an idle login period exceeds 5 minutes, the session will get expired. At the time of first login, the customer should be careful to avoid session expiry and complete the registration process in one session, failing which he will not be able to add his mobile number in his profile without branch intervention. In such cases, customer will have to add his mobile number on a later occassion which requires approval by the branch.)

Now the Personal Internet Banking is ready for use.



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