Remit funds to India from abroad


Inward Remittance in Foreign Currency
For transferring funds from foreign country through our Nostro Account with the correspondent banks listed below, the remitter abroad is required to fill up the following particulars in the funds transfer application.
  1. Name, Clearing code and SWIFT code of correspondent bank.(e.g. Standard Chartered Bank London for GBP)
  2. SBT's SWIFT code (SBTRINBBFED) and SBT Nostro A/c No with the respective correspondent bank.
  3. Beneficiaries 11 digit A/C Number and branch to which the remittance is to be credited.
  4. Purpose of remittance (eg. FCNR/NRE/NRO etc)

Tips for Foreign Currencey Remittance

Direct Remittance in Rupees from Middle East
1. SWIFT Remittance scheme
  • Transfer of funds to  any bank in Kerala through SBT over SWIFT. Demand Drafts in INR will be issued by SBT on the next day to the concerned Bank A/C for direct Remittance.
  • This facility is available with Ms Al-Rajhi Banking & investments corporation, Riyad.
  • An all inclusive charge of Rs.100/- will be deducted from the remittance amount
2. Money Trans scheme
  • For direct credit to your account in SBT electronically. Credits will be effected within 24 hours. Now  "Instant Credit" facility is available where in the remittance is instantly credited to your account as soon as the remittance files are uploaded by the Exchange Company.
  • This facility is available with the following exchange houses:
  1. City Exchange LLC, UAE
  2. UAE Exchange Centre, UAE
  3. Emirates India International Exchange, UAE
  4. Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau, UAE
  5. Wall Street Exchange Centre, UAE
  6. Al Ansari Exchange, UAE
  7. Belhasa Global Exchange, UAE
  8. Al Fardan Exchange, UAE
  9. Alfa Exchange, UAE
  10. Lulu International exchange UAE
  11. Deniba International Exchange UAE
  12. Joyalukkas Exchange, UAE
  13. Global Money Exchange Company LLC, Sultanate of Oman
  14. Mustafa Sultan Exchange Company, Sultanate of Oman
  15. Oman & UAE Exchange Company, Sultanate of Oman
  16. Purshottam Kanji Exchange Company LLC, Sultanate of Oman
  17. Musandam Exchange, Oman
  18. Al Jadeed Exchange, Oman
  19. Majan Exchange ,Oman
  20. Modern Exchange Co. Oman
  21. Asia exchange Oman
  22. Laxmidas Tharia Ved Exchange, Oman
  23. Trust Exchange Company, Qatar
  24. City Exchange Company WLL, Qatar
  25. Gulf Exchange Company, Qatar
  26. National Exchange Company WLL, Qatar
  27. Al Zaman Exchange WLL, Qatar
  28. Al Dar for Exchange Works, Qatar
  29. Islamic Exchange Qatar
  30. Al Jazeera Exchange, Qatar
  31. Bahrain India International Exchange Company, Bahrain
  32. Bahrain Financing Company, Bahrain
  33. National finance Bahrain
  34. Zenj Exchange Bahrain
  35. Kuwait India International Kuwait
  36. Al Mulla International Exchange Company, Kuwait
  37. Bahrain Exchange Company, Kuwait
  38. Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange Company, Kuwait
  39. UAE Exchange Centre WLL, Kuwait
  40. Al Muzaini Exchange Company, Kuwait
  41. Lulu Exchange Company, Kuwait
  42. Joyalukkas Exchange, Kuwait
  43. Alamoudi Exchange, Saudi Arabia


3. Instant Transfer

Instant Transfer is a real time rupee remittance facility from SBI Foreign Offices in 17 countries across the world, viz; Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, UK and USA; through which SBT Account holders can also send remittance to your / beneficiary's account maintained with SBT.

To locate SBI Branches near you, please click on the following link:


UAE Exchange branches are present in the following countries, viz; Australia, Bahrain, Botswana, Canada, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Seychelles, UAE, Uganda, UK, USA, Zambia; through which SBT account holders can remit money to their accounts in India.

To locate the UAE Exchange branch nearest to you, please click on the link below:


Branch Locator:


4. Express Money scheme


UAE exchange center, Dubai will accept the money and issue a password/PIN using which You can draw money from SBT branch. 



5. Remittances through M/s Wells Fargo Bank

NRIs can now route their remittances through M/s wells Fargo Bank at a discounted rate in Bank charge. NRIs will get a discounted fee of US$ 5 if the payment is originating from USA and US$ 7 from all other regions. Moreover no  intermediary bank charges for all incoming payments originating from Wells Fargo US domestic branch customers. (Please Click Here for the payment Instructions)

By Cheque/DD/TT from countries other than Middle East
  • Personal cheques from any bank across the  world  from any of our correspondent banks or banks having drawing arrangements with any of our correspondent banks provided you have an account with SBT.
  • DD TT  from any of the correspondent banks are accepted by us.
Correspondent Banks their Chips/Fedwire/chaps Number Swift code and our Nostro Account Numbers
Currency Correspondent Banks & clearing codes SWIFT code SBT Nostro A/c No.
US Dollar
  • State Bank of India, New York, USA  
  • CHIPS ABA No. 0914  UID No. 175306 
  • FEDWIRE Routing No. 026 009 140
CHIPS UID 053666
US Dollar
  • Standard Chartered Bank, New York   
  • CHIPS ABA No. 0256               
  • FEDWIRE Routing No: 026 002 561
SCBLUS33 3582088754001
US Dollar
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank,New York
  • CHIPS ABA CP0002
  • FEDWIRE Routing No.021 000 021
CHASUS33 11406493
US Dollar
  • Deutsche Bank Trust Co.Americas,New York
  • CHIPS ABA  0103
  • FEDWIRE Routing No.021001033
BKTRUS33 4436899
US Dollar
  • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A, New York, USA

  • CHIPS ABA  0509

  • FEDWIRE Routing No.026005092



  • State Bank of India, Frankfurt, Germany
  • IBAN:DE 78 5033 0000 0021 017108
SBINDEFF 52608101720001
  • Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, Germany
  • IBAN:DE 24 5007 0010 0953 427200
DEUTDEFF 100953427200
Japanese Yen
  • State Bank of India, Tokyo, Japan
SBINJPJT 10173920020001
Australian Dollar
  • Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney
WPACAU2S SBT-0001972
Great Britain Pound
  • Standard Chartered Bank, London, U K
    37 Grace Church Street London EC3V OBX
  • CHAPS sort code 60-91-04
  • IBAN:GB05SCBL60910412507528
SCBLGB2L 00 01 2507528 01
Great Britain Pound
  • State Bank of India, London, U K 
  • CHAPS SORTCODE 60-01-59
  • IBAN:GB76SBIN60015910842301
SBINGB2L 10842301
Deutsche Kroner
  • Den Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark
DABADKKK 3996005267
Hong Kong Dollar
  • H.S.B.C. Hongkong
HSBCHKHHHKH 111-458170-001

Hong Kong Dollar

  • State Bank of India, Hong Kong



Singapore Dollar
  • H.S.B.C. Singapore
HSBCSGSG 141-269431-001
Canadian Dollar
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada (CIBC)
CIBCCATT 1776916
Swedish Kroner
  • Sevenska Handels Banken  Stockholm
HANDSESS 40763889
Swiss Franc
  • Union Bank of Switzerland,UBS AG Zurich
  • IBAN:CH050023023008621905E
UBSWCHZH80A 02300000086219050000E
Saudi Riyal
  • Al Rajhi Bank,Riyadh, KSA
RJHISARI 0406080077776
For more information on your remittance please contact
For SWIFT Remittance
PH:91-22-26445774 / 26445780
NRI HELPDESK, SBT, Head Office, Poojappura,Thiruvananthapuram 695012